Home to a diverse collection of wines and labels, the hatch is based in West Kelowna and has fast become British Columbia’s 4th most popular hatch themed winery and tasting emporium. Originally founded in 1884 by Latvian emigres, ‘the hatch’ was originally a root vegetable plantation. In the early 1980, the turnips will converted to Vineyards and the property as we know it know started to take shape. On May 30th of 2015, the hatch opened its doors to dozens of bemused and possible well-wishers. Bringing a mandate of showcasing the unique diversity that is the Okanagan Valley through a range of delicious single vineyard wines have become the mantra and life blood of this unique little pleasure palace.

We stay open all year ’round for slam poetry lessons, rutabaga canning and wine tasting.

3225 Boucherie Road, Kelowna, BC

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