We’re not a big company. We’re farmers, who love making (and drinking) wine. We harvest grapes from small batch crops, and happily spend long days earning our grape-stained palms and muddy boots. Our wines are made without fancy equipment, and instead benefit from gravity, smarts, and a few strong hands.The quality of our wines is no accident. Our family-run winery produces handcrafted wines that are made to be enjoyed. We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved making them.

All Niche Wine is produced entirely from grapes grown by Hugh & Mary Vineyard, a small vineyard owned and operated by our parents, Kathleen and Jerry Schlosser. Growing up on this property, James always knew there was something special about this place.

The cool climate, limited access to water, and gravel-like soil conspire to stress the vines in all the right ways. It’s quiet at the top of Bartley Road and there is a sense of calm in feeling that breeze sweep down the mountain side. The vines (like us) work harder here and the results, well, it’s something really worth a sipping.

The vineyard sits at an elevation of 620 meters and when it comes to growing Pinot, elevation is key. Pinot noir is delicate — too high and the vines get stresses, too low and there is too much vigour. The Hugh & Mary Vineyard site is the right balance hot summer days and cool nights making it prime Pinot growing country.

1901 Bartley Road

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