Mayhem Wines is a fun collaboration between two established wine industry siblings – Terry Meyer Stone of Anarchist Mountain Vineyards and her brother JAK Meyer of Meyer Family Vineyards, along with their respective spouses Andrew Stone and Janice Stevens. The portfolio consists of aromatic white varietals and bold red varietals. We source our grapes from our home vineyards and established growers of the Okanagan, with an eye for detail in the vineyard and producing quality grapes in a sustainable manner.

Terry and JAK have been crisscrossing each other and their own wine businesses over the last decade. Both wanted to grow their own brands, but quickly realized that they were becoming each other’s competition with regards to their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir production. Over a glass of wine one evening contemplating how each party’s desire for expansion could be met, the seed for launching Mayhem Wines was planted. JAK claims this was his great idea; Terry claims it was her brainchild. The answer is we will probably never know the truth! Siblings. Partners. Colleagues. Friends– THE MAYHEM CREW.  Terry and JAK have been involved in each other’s lives for all their life. Why not spill over into business? If that’s not a recipe for Mayhem, we don’t know what is!

Wine reflects the ever-changing environment from which it emanates; from the whims of Mother Nature to the unique talents of the winemaker, the effects of time and distance, and even your mood while enjoying it. It is, perhaps, a distillation of the beauty found in disorder. Every life well-lived should have a little Mayhem!
4287 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls, BC

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