Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt presented by Urban Elegance Homes

October 16th, 2021

Downtown Kelowna

The Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt impacts the community in a number of positive ways. With the way the event is set up, the impact is quickly felt beyond the positive impact on Elevation Outdoors. With 1/3 of all the money raised being invested back into our local business community through the purchase of GC for prizes there is a direct benefit to those businesses, in 2020, this event raised a total of $12,993.00, $3900.00 of which was used to purchase gift cards from locally owned and operated businesses.

As our participants collect the prizes by unlocking the clues it in effect puts money right into their hands through the gift cards. We also strategically purchase the GC values at amounts that will often lead the winner to spend more money at the businesses when they redeem the GC, which helps the business a second time.

The more money that is raised, the more support our local business and the charities receive; and the more prizes there are for participants to find!

With part of the proceeds of the event also being used to support the Rotary Club of Kelowna – Morningside (a $2000.00 donation in 2020) and the work they do in the community this event has a broad impact.

On Saturday October 16th all players will receive an email with the first round of clues at 11:00 a.m. to help you locate the downtown Kelowna area prize locations. As the day goes by additional clues will be released, making it a bit easier each time to find the remaining prizes.

Solo adventures can participate for $20, while teams of up to 6 people can partake for only $40.

When registering yourself and/or team you will have the opportunity to suggest which locally owned and operated business you feel could use the event’s financial support in the form of purchased gift cards.

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